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Founded on a whim. Built on good times. 

by two friends, Jon Tuck and Will Andre.

Summer '14

The idea for Tinlid came about on one of our mini adventures in our hometown, Traverse City, Michigan. We were out playing disc golf and hiking through the hills of our local course when we thought, "Hey, we should make some hats that say 'FROLF' (short for frisbee golf)." Later that night, we placed an order for our first hats. When the hats came in, we started stitching elastic on the side for a pencil holder. The hats were originally just for us and our friends, but after gaining interest and popularity around the local course, we decided to start selling them and planting a tree for every hat we sold.  The idea took off. 

The College Years

We were entering our sophomore year of college when Tinlid started rolling. My dorm room closet became our warehouse, shipping station, and office. The space wasn't ideal to say the least, but we were having the time of our lives. As the school year started ending, Tinlid's journey was just beginning.

Discovering Instagram

As summer started to creep up, we started to figure things out a bit more. With the help of ambassadors, hard work, and some luck, the brand took off through Instagram. After a year and a half on Instagram, we had almost 40,000 followers. (Unfortunately, our account was hacked and we had to start from scratch in September 2016). 

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

After 2+ years of being in business, we've planted over 100,000 trees through the National Forest Foundation and As we move forward, we want to continue to conserve and protect places that we consider our playground. Portions of our sales are donated to foundations that help conserve these places.



As a company built on whim and adventure, we're excited to keep the good times keep rollin'. Thank you all!